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Pamela’s story

Pamela cares for her mum Annie who is 91 years old, she has been caring for her for 13 years. Annie has dementia, arthritis, diabetes and a heart condition.  Annie who has 8 children emigrated to England in 1949 from Jamaica to be with her husband who served with the RAF during World War II.  Pamela remembers coming over to England in 1953 when she was a toddler with her other brother and sister to be reunited with their mum and dad.  Pamela was looked after in Jamaica by her grandmother and her extended family.

Over recent years Pamela’s caring role has got progressively more difficult with Annie needing more help with her everyday needs.  Up until November 2010 Pamela travelled from her home in Crumpsall to Old Trafford a 30 minute bus and tram journey to look after her mum. When she got there Pamela had to help her with her personal care, cleaning, shopping, cooking, giving her emotional support & taking her to and from hospital appointments.  This was a demanding time for Pamela and without the support and guidance from Manchester Carers Centre Pamela probably would not have been able  to cope.  Annie is no longer able to live on her own and is now living in a care home in Crumpsall where she makes frequent visits to see her. Pamela is reassured knowing that her mum now has 24 hour support and is being well looked after, especially as the care home specialises in dementia.  After being a carer for 13 years, a number of which Pamela worked as a nurse she now feels that caring for her mum is now a lot easier.

“Mum is in the best place now, I used to worry a lot about her because she would wander around at night and wake up the residents.  She is a very independent person and always tried to look after herself, now she is in a happy and safe environment.”

“I would definitely recommend Manchester Carers Centre to all carers, I have had so much support from the staff over the years and I honestly don’t know what I would have done without them. I have been given lots of advice, support, a shoulder to cry on and pick me up when I have felt down.  You are always made to feel welcome when you go to the centre, it’s a chance to share experiences with other carers, support one another and be more sociable because caring can be very lonely.  My tips to carers are; get down to Manchester Carers Centre, take time out for yourself, try and delegate and get others involved in your caring.”