Manchester Carers Centre


Our team offers a range of practical and emotional support services to help make a positive difference to Carers’ lives in Manchester.

For information on Manchester Carers Centre Services please
call us on: 0161 27 27 27 0, Monday-Thursday, 10am-1pm

We are proud of our ability to reach out to new Carers and support them in a preventative way. We demonstrate that when timely and effective help is offered, Carers can be helped before breaking point – giving them the strength and resolve to continue to care for their loved ones. We support Carers at all stages in their caring journey as caring can be a lifetime commitment.

Manchester Carers Centre is a proud Network Partner of Carers Trust.


Emotional Support

Emotional Support

Need someone to talk to? We provide a 1-1 carers service where you can talk with a member of our teams either over the phone or in person.

Practical Help

Practical Help

We offer a range of support services to Carers such as access to grants, help completing important forms, emergency planning, and much more.

Social and Peer Support

Social & Peer Support

We facilitate regular group sessions for Carers. These sessions provide a space to socialise, take respite breaks, and learn relevant information related to caring.



Whatever your issue we will work with you to find the best service for you. We have strong networks across the voluntary and public sectors.

Manchester Carers Centre are a busy local provider for all Carers in the City working alongside an important range of complimentary organisations from the voluntary and statutory sector.

We are affiliated to the Carers Trust network of Carers Centres across the UK to ensure our services operate to the highest standards and we collectively influence and promote Carers’ issues and policy development at local, regional and national levels. We aim to improve services for Carers to impact positively on the quality of their lives and the individuals they care for.