Manchester Carers Centre


Our vision at Manchester Carers Centre is that unpaid Carers are heard, valued and have access to the support, advice and resources they need to live a fulfilling life alongside caring. Our mission statement is ‘Changing Carers Lives’; we exist to change Carers lives for the better.

Who we support:

A Carer is anyone who cares, unpaid, for a friend or family member who due to illness, disability, a mental health problem or an addiction who cannot manage without their support. We work with Young Adult Carers in transition and all adult Carers aged 18 upwards, irrespective of the nature of their caring role.  We work citywide in Manchester and offer independent, bespoke services based on Carers’ expressed needs. We work in partnership with Carers Manchester network, 18 VCSE organisations, to implement the new Carers Pathway as part of Our Manchester Carers Strategy.

What we do:

We identify, respect, support and provide services to unpaid Carers, so that no Carer feels alone or unsupported. We understand the invaluable contribution that Carers make to both the people they support and society.

We work proactively in partnership with a range of organisations to identify unpaid Carers in our community to connect them with the Carers Pathway, which offers information and advice and a local offer to connect Carers in the different Localities of Manchester with services which meet their needs. Identification and recognition of Carers is a central part of our role.  Our outreach work, such as our information and advice Roadshow, enables us to engage with Carers, and raise awareness of Carers’ issues.

We empower Carers to use their strengths and resilience to achieve their personal aspirations and to stay physically and mentally well. These outcomes are achieved through a local offer of helping Carers access information and advice tailored to their needs, as well an activity offer of short breaks, health and wellbeing activities, emotional and practical support, grants, mentoring and peer support services. We have an effective track record of successful service delivery in Manchester for 25 years.

Our Aspirations:

  • More Carers of all ages are identified and connected to the Carers Pathway.
  • More Young Adult Carers (18-25) are identified and connected to relevant services.
  • Improved connectivity and social engagement of Carers to enhance Health and Wellbeing.
  • More Carer-aware GP practices, Carer Champions and Carer friendly organisations linking with the Carers Pathway.
  • Progress with equalities to demonstrate that hard to reach Carers are identified and accessing services.
  • Increasing Carer engagement with learning and development opportunities.
  • Sharing best practice between partners.
  • Partners positively impacting the localities together for Carers through new services.
  • Drive positive changes for Carers and successfully implement the Our Manchester Carers Strategy.