Manchester Carers Centre

Calling all Carers, we need your help in providing feedback on Carers Services in Manchester!

Carers Manchester is a 2-year transformation funding project to enhance the ways un waged carers are supported in the city. In this time we have developed a dedicated telephone helpline, and 3 carers services in north, central and south Manchester, aiming to bring support closer to you.

As a carer, we want to ensure you have a say in the way your support looks like in future. The short questionnaire covers questions around the currently carers services available in the city, as well as questions about what you need as a carer in the future.

Your answers and feedback play a big role in the way we develop our services, and will help us support carers in Manchester to get the right support, at the right time, in the right place.

Link to questionnaire –

The deadline to submit your feedback is Friday 26th November so fill in the survey now to make sure you get your voice heard!

Thank you.