Manchester Carers Centre
A new Carers Trust survey released on 9th March shows the devastating double whammy of the cost-of-living crisis and the increasing intensity of caring responsibilities shouldered by children and young people providing unpaid care to family members.

The report, released a week ahead of the UK’s Young Carers Action Day (15 March), an annual event led and organised by national charity Carers Trust, aims to raise awareness of the devastating impact on young people of fulfilling their caring role without sufficient support from the state. The UK charity is also asking politicians to sign up to a five-point pledge committing them to supporting children and young people in a caring role. Additionally, Carers Trust alongside young carers will be going to Downing Street to hand in an open letter for the Prime Minister on Young Carers Action Day calling for him to do more to help.

The UK-wide survey of 1,109 young carers (aged under 18) and young adult carers (aged 18-25) showed alarming findings, with many young people contributing to or managing the family finances. The survey found that 32% said they always or usually face additional costs because they are a carer. 57% said that they always or usually worry about the cost of living and things becoming more expensive, and 56% said the cost-of-living crisis is always or usually affecting them and their family.