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Today the State of Caring Report 2021 has been released. This year, the survey the report is based upon was completed by over 8,500 current and former carers, making it the largest and most comprehensive survey of unpaid carers in the UK! Such a large wealth of data helps the report to paint a picture of what caring has really been like in 2021.

Carers UK conducted the research and collated the responses to their State of Caring survey over the last year have already started using the data to highlight carers’ experiences across the UK to the media. Carers contributions have allowed Carers UK to campaign successfully for better guidance, testing for carers, PPE for unpaid carers, carers’ ‘support bubbles’ and exemptions to allow carers to get a break. Carers were also included in the priority list for the COVID-19 vaccination, and Carers UK campaigned for specific advice to support juggling work and care.  The report is instrimental in supporting Carers UK’s efforts to:

  • Campaigning for increased rights and entitlements for carers by sharing select findings with MPs, Government and local decision makers.
  • Understanding carer experiences to argue for better rights such as a right to Carer’s Leave in the workplace.
  • Providing evidence to help improve carers’ experience of services and support to make life easier.
  • Making a strong case for increasing financial support, such as Carer’s Allowance.
  • Providing evidence of the impact of the pandemic on unpaid carers, to argue for better support to manage through and recover from the pandemic.

At Manchester Carers Centre we applaud the work of Carers UK in pulling together this valuable report and hope that it continues to have a positive impact on Carers across the UK in line with their needs.

To see the full report look here

State of Caring Report 2021