Manchester Carers Centre


We are particularly proud to have developed our Young Adult Carers Service further in this year which allowed us to provide more in-depth services to Young Adult Carers aged 16 – 25.

This year, we worked with 136 unique Young Adult Carers through a range of mediums, offering one-to-one mentoring appointments, opportunities to engage socially, learning and development workshops and producing e-bulletins on a quarterly basis to keep young people informed of services and opportunities available throughout the year.

Over the year we delivered 11 social events for Young Adult Carers, which included: karaoke, mini-golf, theatre trips, food and drink festival, a visit to the circus, Christmas markets, and arts and crafts workshops. We are grateful to the Carers Trust who supported us with additional funding to be able to provide our Young Carers Action Day Event. We were able to provide a full day at Delamere Forest with Go Ape, which included team building activities and a Treetop Challenge!